Wakefield Board of Education Keeps 3-3 Vote For Co-Op With Allen & Emerson Hubbard, Discussion Will Continue Among Co-Op Meetings


WAKEFIELD – For the third time community members, teachers, students, staff members, coaches and everyone interested in the topic of Wakefield, Allen and Emerson-Hubbard coming together for a cooperative agreement met Tuesday evening.

It has been about two months since the last school board hearing was called that invited Wakefield community members about a possible sports cooperative agreement. After two months of discussion and voting on names and mascots were had, another special board meeting was held in the main gym at Wakefield Community School Tuesday evening lasting approximately 30 minutes.

The third meeting was different than the previous where the board was going to listen to the patrons and take appropriate action on their 3-3 split.

Mark Victor is the current board president and has been a member of the Wakefield Board of Education for 18 years. He talked about the evening.

“I was pleased with our turnout,” said Victor. “I was pleased with the way the meeting was very civil and was very impressed with our community and our school and our entire community.”

Four individuals signed up to speak and instead of addressing the board each turned the microphone to the crowd while thanking the board members for their hard work. Each speaker had the opportunity to talk for up to 15 minutes where all four didn’t need their allotted time to address the community.

The reason for the mascot and team selection was to get a decision made even before everything was finalized with the November deadline quickly approaching for football. If those items would have waited and the motion was approved, there would have been a tight window.

At the end, the Wakefield Community School Board of Education remained at a 3-3 split and with no majority decision the motion to co-op with Allen and Emerson-Hubbard for 2020 failed to pass.

“We’re meeting with our co-op group again,” Victor added. “Just trying to decide how we will proceed now with our decision and that we’ll work together.”

It was also stated during the meeting that there’ll be a NASB Community Engagement Program being held in November.