Tuesday Late Afternoon Chimney Fire Provides A Reminder For Those To Clean Out Your Chimney

WAKEFIELD – Three community fire departments reported to a structure fire on Tuesday, February 28 in Wakefield.

The owner of a house located on the corner of Third and Johnson Street called 911. The Wakefield Volunteer Fire Department reported at 4:25 p.m. Tuesday and requested mutual from both the Wayne Volunteer Fire Department and Allen Fire & Rescue.

Wakefield Fire Chief, Adam Ulrich said it was a chimney fire and they had to send firefighters up to the roof.

“The best thing to do with those is just either get to the top and hopefully you can get a little bit of water down,” said Ulrich. “To basically kill it for a little bit and then you start running a chain down and that help cleans everything else that is stuck to the side of the chimney, so it doesn’t flair back up again later.”

Wayne’s ladder truck provided roof access for the fire fighters to reach the chimney. Roughly 20-25 volunteers were on scene for about two hours.

No one was injured, but an ambulance was on scene.

“Yeah that is just our standard protocol there to bring an ambulance there for our rehab,” Ulrich added. “For our fire fighters after they do some work, that way that can get a chance to relax and make sure they’re good to go again.”

The Dixon County Law Enforcement was also on scene.