The ‘Byrd Nest’ Available For A Great Downtown Experience


WAYNE – A new cozy location is now available for you to spend a much needed weekend away in downtown Wayne or for a group of friends gathering anytime of year.

The original City Hall chamber office from 1912 has been renovated into the ‘Byrd Nest’ and will soon be listed on Airbnb located a 117 W 2nd Street.

Greg Ptacek and his wife, Kelly purchased the building last November and gave the second floor level a new look.

Ptacek said he attends visioning sessions where the subject come up of what does Wayne need and there has been talk about another hotel being constructed.

“I don’t know if a 30-bed hotel would work in Wayne, like another one, just because it’s so expensive,” said Ptacek. “But I think small scale Airbnb’s having a handful of those would help to increase some foot traffic in Wayne and get some more heads in beds and get more people in town and spending some money downtown.”

The hardwood floors are all original from the 1912 City Hall while all the doors were also kept around. The current bathroom door was the 1912 Chamber of Commerce door and the nine-foot solid oak table is also being used that was used for council meetings in the early 1900s.

“There’s quite a few news clipping articles of they had a dance to try to fundraise and one of things that they wanted to buy was a b  really nice City Council table,” Ptacek added. “So, they ended up I think raising like $600 from the dance which furnished most of the building.”

The ‘Byrd Nest’ is looking to work with several local businesses to create partnerships to get those who are staying to go around town and shop local. Guests are only a block and half away from 11 eating establishments and just a block from seven drinking establishments.

Boutique Black Label takes over the main floor while the back two-thirds of the building is for Elite Dance Center while the front of the building where you see the windows from the street is the ‘Byrd Nest’.

The roughly 700-square foot location sleeps six with a queen bed a, high-end futon and a pull-out bed.

Prior to January 10, you can reserve the Byrd Nest on Instagram (@byrdnest.wayne), message the Johnnie Byrd Brewing Company Facebook page or contact Greg.

“So, we really wanted to just take the holiday season to actually try to work out some of the kinks,” Ptacek mentioned. “We didn’t  want to jump straight into it in a busy season where were going to have a lot of clunky parts where we forgot about this or this or this.”

But after January 10, you’ll be able to reserve the location on the Airbnb website.

Cost for the ‘Byrd Nest’ will start at $135 a night plus a $30 cleaning fee.