Providence Community Pharmacy Allocated 100 COVID Vaccinations


WAYNE – The Federal Retail Pharmacy Program for COVID-19 vaccination began in Wayne Monday morning.

After being activated last week, Providence Community Pharmacy was able to order COVID vaccine shots for the first time.

Becky Barner is the Retail Pharmacy Coordinator and Pharmacist in charge at Providence Community Pharmacy. She said they’re excited to be in the first round of the federal program.

“So, we have a chance to offer COVID vaccine to folks,” said Barner. “We’ve been working with the health department, folks that have registered with the health department. The health department will supply us with a list of names and we’re contacting people.”

This will not take away from the vaccinations issued by the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department, rather an additional option offered.

After ordering the vaccine last Monday, February 8, the pharmacy got confirmation they would receive 100 doses a couple days later. Providence Community Pharmacy will give 20 COVID vaccines on Monday and Friday as well as 30 each on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Currently we’re vaccinating people that are 65 and older with preference going to those that are 75 and older,” Barner added. “Just trying to make sure that we’re protecting those that are at highest risk first.”

All of the Providence Medical Center Pharmacy pharmacists and technicians are trained on giving the COVID vaccine shot.

Those who were given the shot Monday will return to the pharmacy on March 15 for their second dose. As soon as the pharmacy gets confirmation on Wednesday about the amount they’ll receive next week, they’ll start scheduling next week’s visits.

An update from Providence Medical Center, 526 first doses of vaccine and 374 second doses of vaccine for a total of 900 doses of COVID vaccine have been given as of Monday, February 15.

To sign-up, visit or contact the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department at 402-375-2200.