Husker Ag LLC Produces it’s Billionth Gallon of Ethanol

PLAINVIEW – Husker Ag, LLC announced that they have achieved a milestone in May – one billion gallons of ethanol produced since starting production in 2003.

Husker Ag began with a group coming together in Northeast Nebraska and built a 20-million gallon, Fagen/ICM-built ethanol plant in 2003. In 2007, the company expanded by adding an additional ICM-built 40-million-gallon plant.

Today, after a series of ongoing efficiency and expansion projects, the company is producing over 300,000 gallons per day of American ethanol, resulting in 110 million gallons of annual production. After operating continuously over the last 16 years, Husker Ag produced it’s one billionth gallon of ethanol.

Husker Ag, LLC, a Renewable Fuels Nebraska producer-member, produces 110 million gallons of ethanol, 36 million pounds of distillers corn oil and over half a million tons of distillers grains from the processing of 36 million bushels of corn each year.