Wayne County Commissioners Meeting Recap Of Tuesday, August 6th

WAYNE – The Wayne County Board of Commissioners gathered for a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. at the Wayne County Courthouse.

The meeting kicked off with County Treasurer, Tammy Paustian discussing the CDARS Network. This would allow Tammy to make a large deposit at Elkhorn Valley Bank and they place funds into CDs issued by other banks that are part of the network. Motion was taken and carried by the Commissioners.

Tammy also discussed an update or replacement of the front counter in the County Treasurer’s office that would better provide handicapped accessibility. Along with that, the state has come up with a new requirement that each person working in the Treasurer’s office have use to their one individual cash drawer. This requirement must be filled by October. Paustian has gotten one bid for the project. The Board decided to table this agenda item to receive more bids and look at other options.

Emergency Management Supervisor, Nic Kemnitz, gave the Board an update on several future workshops, demonstrations, and seminars he plans to attend over the next couple of months.

Highway Superintendent, Mark Casey discussed a number of items with the Board. Those items included the Fracture Critical Bridge Inspection Agreement with the Nebraska Department of Roads, as well as updates on NextEra and Plum Creek Wind Energy Projects, and updates on road/bridge projects. Resolution was passed authorizing Casey to sign the 2019 Fracture Critical Bridge Inspection Agreement. This will be the last of which that the state will help pay for inspection costs. For the wind energy projects there are many areas of concern for both Casey and the Board as far as some of the roads and driveways being fixed. Casey plans on getting all of the locations of concern mapped out for closer inspection by NextEra.

Review of preliminary tax dollar requests took place and several new allocation resolutions were passed. The first resolution passed was for the Wayne County Library Association whose 2019 tax request was the same as 2018 at $13,000. The Carroll Fire Protection District Number 1 decreased its 2019 tax request from the prior year down to $69,054 and the Board approved motion to pass. The 2019 Wayne Fire District Number 2 tax request was also passed by the Board with an increase of $2,779.84 from last year bringing the 2019 request to $85,000. Hoskins Fire District Number 3 tax request stayed the same at $65,500 and the Board approved. The Winside Fire District Number 4 2019 tax request was up by $1,188 from last year bringing the total to $49,148 that was approved. The Wakefield Fire District Number 5 request remained the same as 2018 at $110,000 that was also approved. The Wayne County Ag Society asked for quite a big increase for the 2019 tax request allocation compared to 2018 in hopes to get the ball rolling on a new building project at the fairgrounds. The increase was in the amount of $299,960.99 making the total request $400,000. Action on this request was pushed back to the afternoon and at the time of printing the results are unknown.

Jake Geisert and Doug Elting of Berggren Architects gave a Courthouse restoration project update and discussed copper on window orioles. Copper clad will be better off in the long run for the Courthouse according to Elting. The copper clad will be $44,000 that is already allocated for.

Action was taken on a resolution consenting to continuation of cash-in-lieu as an option to group medical insurance that was passed by the Board. Action was also carried on an administrative agreement confirming First Concord Benefits Group, LLC will continue providing conditional cash-in-lieu options to Wayne County employees for the September 1,2019-August 31, 2020 fiscal year.

The Board continued the meeting with a budget work session before adjourning. The next regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting will be held Tuesday, August 20th at 9 a.m. in the Wayne County Courthouse.