Smith Votes Against Pelosi’s Partisan Wish List

Washington, D.C. – Nebraska’s Third District Congressman, Adrian Smith, says he’s ” incredibly disappointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s inconsistent voting policies and demanding Members of the House from around the country travel back and forth to Washington solely to conduct ‘show votes’.  We have much work to do for the American people, and our focus must be working on a bipartisan basis to fight COVID-19, preparing to reopen our economy, and ensuring government functions effectively through the pandemic.

H.R. 6800, Speaker Pelosi’s so-called COVID-19 response bill would spend $3 trillion and will not be considered by the Senate. H.Res. 965 would allow proxy voting in the House of Representatives for the first time, breaking more than 225 years of precedent.

Smith concludes,  “Marijuana banking, ballot harvesting, and consolidating power under the Speaker of the House of Representatives, to name just three of the massive problems with these bills, have nothing to do with the pandemic.”

Both bills passed the House of Representatives on essentially “party-line” votes although a dozen Democrats voted against H. R. 6800.