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Sasse Votes With Democrats – Says Trump Impeachment Is Constitutional

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse joined 5 other Republicans, along with Democrat Senators Tuesday to uphold the constitutionality of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, allowing the proceedings to move forward.


In doing so, the Six Republican senators joined Democrats in rejecting an effort by President Trump’s lawyers to dismiss the case. The team had argued the trial was unconstitutional because Trump is no longer in office. The vote came after both the managers, who are tasked with prosecuting the former president, and Trump’s defense team each argued their cases for two hours.

The decision means the trial will resume at noon Wednesday with the nine Democratic House impeachment managers presenting evidence that the president incited the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol.

The vote was 56-44 on Tuesday on the question of whether the Senate has jurisdiction and could proceed.


Sasse joined Republican Senators Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Mitt Romney of Utah in dismissing the Trump team’s claims. All 50 Democratic Senators also voted to proceed.


Trump’s trial opened in the Senate with graphic video of the January 6th attack on Congress after Trump encouraged a rally crowd to “fight like hell” over his election  loss to Democrat Joe Biden. Trump is charged by the House with inciting the violent mob attack to overturn the election. Prosecutors argue Trump committed a “grievous constitutional crime,” but his defense team insists his fiery words at the rally were just figures of speech. His lawyers said that trying a former president is unconstitutional.