State Troopers Arrest 18 Impaired Drivers

LINCOLN – Nebraska State Patrol arrested 18 drivers for driving under the influence over Memorial Day Weekend. State Patrol cited 230 drivers that were speeding for the weekend. That included 21 motorists who were going over 100 miles per hour.

Also, there were ten citations given for people carrying an open container and seven citations for minor in possession of alcohol. There were 16 citations for people driving with a suspended license and 14 citations for no proof of insurance. Six motorists were given a citation for not wearing a seat belt, while there were four citations for improper child safety restraint.

The Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol, Colonel John Bolduc said that his team will stay vigilant of these violations, even though traffic is less busy due to the pandemic.

Memorial Day Weekend was the start of Nebraska State Patrol’s “100 Days of Summer” campaign. Law enforcement across Nebraska are in the middle of their “Click It or Ticket” initiative.

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