Nebraska DMV Reminding Customers To Be Aware Of Scams

LINCOLN – During this holiday seasons make sure you’re aware of several scams but also the many types of phone calls and text messages that claim to be from the DMV.

According to a release from the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, these messages will often claim to be offering money through a tax credit or refund. These promises of money are attempts by thieves to steal personal information.

Unfortunately, there are people targeting customers by posing as the DMV. Scam phone calls and text messages are becoming more common as Department of Motor Vehicle officials advise their customers to stay vigilant and not give out personal information to an untrusted source.


Scam text messages often include links to suspicious websites. Anyone who receives a suspicious text message with a link should not click those links or give those websites any information. These scam attempts often have odd grammar, punctuation and sentence structure that can be spotted as well.

The Nebraska DMV can contact some customers through text message, but only if those customers opt into text notifications. Otherwise, the Nebraska DMV will never send unsolicited messages to anyone.