Five Midwest State Patrol’s Combing Their Efforts To Slow Down Excessive Speeders

LEE’S SUMMIT, MO – Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas announced a collaborative effort to address the increase in excessive speeding across the Midwest. Leaders from the five states got together on Thursday, July 16. They discussed the fact that all five states have seen an increase in vehicles traveling over 100 miles per hour during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol, Colonel John Bolduc, stated that the best way to prevent traffic tragedies is through safe driving. The goal of this five-state effort is to publicize that the public can prevent tragedies by driving safely.

On Wednesday, July 15, Nebraska State Troopers issued their 400th citation to a motorist going more than 100 miles per hour since the March pandemic shutdown. Over the same period in the last five years, Nebraska State Troopers have delivered an average of 216 such citations.

It’s not just the Midwest either. Law enforcement agency across the U.S. have reported the same issue. The five participating states have all reported an increase in excessive speeding.

The five state’s patrols have put an increased emphasis on monitoring excessive speeding. The effort ran from July 17 – 18.

Colonel Eric Olsen, Superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol asserted with or without the virus, his troopers will remain vigilant of excessive speeders.

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