Bipartisan State Senators: Want Ricketts to Provide Transparency of COVID-19 Relief Funds

Lincoln, NE – A bipartisan group of 17 State Senators are calling on Governor Ricketts to promote transparency and responsiveness in administering CARES Act funding and the Coronavirus Relief Fund. The letter outlined the ways funds can be distributed in a manner that maximizes accountability to Nebraskans.


Senators called on Governor Ricketts to:

  • Implement a public comment period to provide Nebraskans the opportunity to express their views on funding in a socially distant manner.


  • Provide a specific CARES Act and Coronavirus Relief Fund ombudsman for questions, comments, and appeals of funding decisions for Nebraskans seeking resources and assistance.


  • Develop a public and transparent online tracker of resources and expenditures of taxpayer dollars related to the CARES Act and the Coronavirus Relief Fund.


  • Provide regular open-to-the-public briefings for members of the Legislature about state and federal resources.


● Encourage the Nebraska Forecasting Board to meet in July to provide a fiscal outlook for the state as we all make decisions regarding resource allocation.

CARES Act Funds Letter June 10 (1)