AAA Not Releasing Travel Forecast Over Memorial Day Weekend Due To COVID-19

OMAHA – For the first time since AAA put out their first Memorial Day travel forecast in 2000, there will be no AAA travel projection for the holiday weekend in 2020. The annual report estimates the amount of travel for the “unofficial start of summer” weekend.

COVID-19 will certainly slow down traveling for Memorial Day weekend. On the contrary, last year 43 million Americans traveled for Memorial Day weekend. This was the second-highest travel volume since the forecast was conceived in 2000.

AAA plans to make travel projections for the late summer and early fall. Those projections will be dependent on when states decide to loosen their travel restrictions.

Given the circumstances, there are indications that Americans are planning ahead vacations, hoping that travel will be possible by late summer. has seen online booking modestly increase since mid-April. AAA expects most of American’s travel destinations to be within their respective regions in the U.S. AAA travel did a survey of 173 million Americans that had summer travel plans. Of that group, 90% had travel plans in the U.S., and this survey took place before the COVID-19 crisis.

The senior vice president of AAA, Paula Twidale says in a release that Americans can plan trips easily from their home with travel websites and travel agents.

With the CDC still recommending that Americans avoid nonessential traveling, AAA expects Americans to gravitate toward the classic road trip. Once international travel restrictions are lifted, they expect an influx of travel to tropical and other international destinations.

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