Washington, D.C. on Lock-down As Inauguration Nears

there is a frantic effort, by members of both political parties, to impeach President Donald Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an ordinary presidential election year, Washington, D.C. would be overflowing with excitement. With a presidential inauguration just days away, thousands of cheering supporters would be filling the nation’s Capitol in anticipation of a new administration, stirring inauguration speeches, a grand parade and multiple inauguration balls at various locations.


Instead, the city looks more like a military encampment with non-scalable fences surrounding the Capitol building and other historic structures and, at last report, 20- thousand national guard troops in place to protect against a yet to be identified adverse event.


Construction of the elaborate inauguration stage has been halted. And Joe Biden, the declared winner of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, plans to have a ‘virtual’ inauguration.


This all follows last Wednesday’s certification by Congress of the electoral college vote which was interrupted by protestors storming the Capitol building resulting in the national guard being brought in and the precautionary fences being installed.


In the midst of a national pandemic and a nation full of economic issues, one could expect that both houses of Congress would be drafting relief legislation. Instead, in the halls of Congress, there is a frantic effort, by members of both political parties, to impeach President Donald Trump – in spite of the fact that he will be gone in about a week.




Last Friday evening, social media began to sequentially block President Trump’s ability to communicate with U.S. citizens by de-platforming the President’s Twitter account followed quickly by Facebook, Spotify, Snap Chat, Instagram, Shopify, Reddit, Twitch, YouTube, Tik Tok and Pininterest. Since then, thousands of Trump supporters and bloggers have also lost social media access. And over this past weekend it is alleged(but as yet unconfirmed) that cell phone operating system updates have blocked customer’s ability to receive emergency notifications from the current administration.


On Tuesday, President Trump traveled to southern Texas to mark completion of the 450th mile of border wall separating the U.S. and Mexico. Other than 2 pre-recorded videos, this was the first public appearance by President Trump since last Wednesday’s congressional vote certifying the electoral vote.




Earlier this week, the FBI reported that demonstrations are expected in all fifty state capitols in conjunction with next week’s Presidential Inauguration.


So is this an ‘end cap’ to 2020 – the strangest year most of us can remember? Or the start of new year of continued uncertainty? If the last several weeks are any indicator, maybe it’s a mix of both.