Wayne Wrestling Club Weekend Results

WAYNE – Following a week off from youth wrestling competition during the high school state championships, the Wayne Wrestling Club had a busy weekend of competition for individuals.

According to a release, 44 wrestlers were in action on Saturday and another 60 on Sunday ranging from kindergarten through eighth-grade.

Youth participated in the Winside Tournament on Saturday, Pierce Tournament on Sunday as individuals took part in the Osmond WWO Invite on Friday as well as the FVL North-West Regional Qualifier on Saturday.

The Winside Tournament attracted 27 teams as Wayne won the tourney with 323.5 points followed by Randolph with 302.5 points.

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First place finishes were Grant Maas (7th-8th 123-129); Adrian Zarate (1st-2nd 47-49); Bryson Varley (1st-2nd 50-52); Ayden Luschen (1st-2nd 55-57); Aden Greve (1st-2nd 61-65); Barrett Hanson (1st-2nd 66-71); Wyatt Dunklau (1st-2nd 105-110); Knox Koch (Prek-k 34-36); Tanner Heithold (prek-k 40-43); Kaiser Woehler (prek-k 44-46) and Becket Miller (prek-k 57-58).

Girls first place: Elaine Hunter (prek-k 48-49) and Reagan McManigal (5th-6th 95-104).

Runner-up results came from Ethan Gregory (7th-8th 85-90); Samuel Leseberg (5th-6th 117-121); Josh Miller (5th-6th 123-129); Adrian Zarate (3rd-4th 49-54); Caysen Gamble (3rd-4th 58-61); Dayton Hunter (1st-2nd 53-54); Easton Juhl (1st-2nd 56-58); Ryan Magnuson (1st-2nd 57-60); Kirby Gubbels (1st-2nd 88-95) and Max McQuistan (prek-k 51-52).

Girls runner-up: Kimbree Rees (1st-2nd 65-68) and Lucille Ocampo (5th-6th 95-104).


The Wayne Wrestling Club was then right back in action on Sunday during the Pierce Warbirds Tournament. Wayne finished third with 229.5 points.

The host Pierce won the tourney with 251 points over Neligh-Oakdale with 234 points. A total of 42 teams were represented.

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First place finishes were Kaiser Woehler (pre-k 43-44); Bentlee Nelson (prek-k 50-51); Adrian Zarate (1s-2nd 47-51); Cohen Woehler (1st-2nd 55-57); Thomas Plager (1st-2nd 68-69); Kirby Gubbles (1st-2nd 88-93); Josh Miller (5th-6th 120-142); Lakin Stange (7th-8th 181-190) and Lance Stange (7th-8th 214-260).

Girls first place: Lillian Stange (5th-6th 114-140).

Runner-up results came from Knox Koch (prek-K 32-35); Austin Heithold (prek-k 38-40); Jairikk (prek-k 41-43); Trexton Ocampo (prek-k 54-58); Becket Miller (prek-k 55-58); Bryson Varley (1st-2nd 50-53); Weston Nelson (1st-2nd 54-57); Lincoln Nelson (1st-2nd 55-58); Aden Greve (1st-2nd 60-65); Brooks Vinchattle (1st-2nd 68-69); Barrett Hanson (1st-2nd 69-71); Adrian Zarate (3rd-4th 49-50); Mason Nelson (3rd-4th 57-65); Caysen Gamble (3rd-4th 57-62); Noah Magnuson (5th-6th 78-85); Ethan Gregory (7th-8th 86-98) and Grant Maas (7th-8th 126-132).

Girls runner-up: Elaine Hunter (prek-k 48-51) and Reagan McManigal (5th-6th 95-103).


Ryker Jensen (1st-2nd 59-62) representing Wakefield placed fourth with 7.5 points in the Osmond WWO Invite.

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Becket Miller (10U – 80) suffered two losses in the North-West Regional Qualifier hosted by Cedar Crest High School in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

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The Wayne Wrestling Club will next compete in the NE USA District Wrestling Tournament from Fremont on Saturday, March 5. Complete schedule.