Wayne Bowling Club Update

WAYNE – The Wayne High varsity and junior varsity bowling teams are among the top teams just over a month into competition.

According to a release from the Wayne Bowling Club, the girls varsity Wayne team leads their division as do the Wayne JV boys while both the Wayne varsity boys and Wayne JV girls sit second.

Other girls varsity division team leaders are Boone Central, Hartington, Norfolk Catholic, Plainview and Newman Grove. Wayne’s Andi Belt leads the girls with a 160 avg., followed by Natalie Bentjen 142 and Jersi Jensen 133.

Hartington leads the varsity boys bowling teams as Plainview sits third, then Norfolk Catholic, Wisner-Pilger and Boone Central. Matt Doerr of Norfolk Catholic leads with a 171-avg. followed by Aiden Gratzfeld 161, Calvin Starzel is in 5th with a 153 and then Tanner Sievers 152.

Boone Central JV boys follow Wayne in 2nd, followed by Hartington and Wisner-Pilger. Wayne’s Christopher Rutenbeck leads with a 145 avg. followed by Shayne Geigner 140, Brogan Foote 137 and Peyton Reisburg 136.

Boone Central leads the girls JV division.

Week five saw all the teams in Wayne, with Wayne winning all the matches. Wayne JV girls scored 1046 where Riley Haschke bowled a 471 series. Wayne JV boys scored 1179 as Peyton Reisburg had a 469 series. Wayne varsity girls had a 1408 led by Andi Belt with a 440 series and Wayne varsity boys scored 1806 paced Brogan Foote who bowled a 211, 493 series and Shayne Geigner had a 197 game.

Boone Central Girls varsity 1186, Niah Kahlandi 374 series; boys varsity 1357, Chris Preister 470 series. Boone Central and Hartington combined for a boys JV team 977 series.

Newman Grove Girls varsity 1254 with Leighann Miller 399 series.

Hartington Varsity girls had a 1232, Rebekah Pinkelman 388 series; boys varsity bowled a 1692 with Wyatt Wiebelhaus bowling a 214, 548 series.

Wisner-Pilger boys varsity 1368, Adam Good had a 454 series.

Plainview Varsity Girls 1170, Cheyenne Zilimer 361 series; their boys varsity scored 1739, with Luke Pellatz bowling 213, with a 494 series, and Trevor Doerr also bowling a 213 with a high series of 585.

The Wayne Bowling Club will next compete in Plainview on Saturday, January 11 with the JV teams starting at 9 a.m. followed by varsity teams.