Sports Complex Takes Next Step With Groundbreaking Ceremony


WAKEFIELD – A groundbreaking event highlighted an upcoming sports complex located to the west of Wakefield Community Schools.

The facility is slated to be open by August 1, 2022 with some final items to be finished up next August prior to the start of the fall sports season. The first football game will be decided in January once scheduling for the two-year cycle is complete.

Matt Farup, Superintendent of Wakefield Community Schools said the community is very excited that the project is moving into the construction phase.

“There’s been a lot of support for it, a lot of people doing a lot of work and a lot of great things,” said Farup. “This is a community facility and the entire community from the school, the school board to community organizations have been a huge part in making this a reality.”

Speakers included Board of Education vice president, Sherri Lundahl; head football coach for Wakefield, Mike Hassler as well as president of the Gardner Foundation Leslie Bebee.

Bebee stated the Gardner Foundation will be pledging two million dollars towards the project.

This project has seen a lot of work to this point from the past three years of different conversations and events. Despite even the pandemic, there has been a lot of support and planning for the Wakefield Sports Complex.

The groundbreaking ceremony acknowledged the support of several groups for their support of the project.

Nemaha Sports Construction will be the contractor and Clark and Enersen will be the architect.

The contract budget is $3.781 million.

“That will go to build the structure, build the lighting, the field and everything,” Farup added. “The thing we are still working on fundraising for, and we have a $250,000 matching gift for that, is the amenities.”

The football field will be artificial field turf set up for 11-man that has been modeled after Palmyra. Wakefield is currently an eight-man program.

Farup also mentioned they’ll be working on finalizing a ‘Become A Trojan” fundraising campaign.

“Just to make this an amazing facility that much more special for our community,” Farup mentioned. “Our kids, our players, the fans who come to watch a game there just that much more of a unique experience that they have watching a game, track meet or other events we have.”

The site has already seen some excavation as the next step is to have the footings poured in the first week of December.