Numbers Continue To Grow For LCC Track & Field, Underclassmen Will Look To Lead The Way Next Season  

LAUREL – After so much success in the winter sports season for Laurel-Concord-Coleridge basketball student-athletes, spring sports participants didn’t get that same opportunity to show off their individual skills.

As spring sporting events began to postpone and then eventually cancel in late March/early April, the LCC track & field team was hoping to carry on the 2019-20 success.

Shannon Benson has coached track in Laurel for the past 13 years including five of those years now being the head coach for the Bears. Benson said the LCC track team was going to see about 60 members.

“We were going to be very, very close to about 40 boys give or take a couple and then real close to 20 girls,” said Benson.

Coach Benson added that the 60 would have been up a little bit.

“We were going to have high numbers, we were going to be awfully young,” Benson added. “Of those 60, probably most of them were going to be freshmen and sophomores. But every year I’ve been head coach we’ve kind of went up a little bit.”

Along with Benson coaching the jumpers, assistant coaches were Eric DePew (sprints), Zeke Stephens (throws), Nick Puppe (hurdles) and Jennifer Kesting (distance/pole vault).

With the LCC girls basketball team making it to the district final and the boys winning their respective class, student-athletes on the track & field team were only able to get a couple of practices in. During the early postponements Benson was hoping something could come up with maybe competing in a couple track meets.

“When everything kind of got filtered down and everything was going to be canceled officially the school sent out an email to all the kids,” Benson mentioned. “And then when we were able to talk to a handful of them over our Zoom classes.”

LCC students have also been participating in workouts following the openings for weight rooms and gyms which began on June 1. Benson mentioned they go four days a week and everything is broken down into smaller groups.

“We have two coaches that run the girls and then about three or four of us run sessions with the boys and we’ve started right away and we’ve had real good attendance,” Benson mentioned. “Everything is starting out really well and I think the kids are excited to get back in doing something.”

Along with basketball success, the football team qualified for the state playoffs and volleyball made it to the district finals. Coach Benson said when the spring sports season was called off, it took the air out of everybody.

“So, we’re just trying to build excitement back,” said Benson. “Just get them back into being really athletic shape. See how the summer goes and just keep building. Hopefully we can carry it on into next year in football, volleyball and cross country.”

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