Norfolk Archery Club To Host 450 Vegas Archery Tournament January 4

NORFOLK – A northeast Nebraska archery club will open their first of many indoor and outdoor shooting events.

According to a release from the Norfolk Archery Club in Norfolk, the tournament will be held on Saturday, January 4 from the club’s indoor range. The 450 Vegas archery tourney will begin at 9 a.m., noon and 7 p.m. Saturday.

The indoor range is located in the basement of Midtown Health Center and can be found on the south side of the building at 3rd and Phillip streets or two blocks south of Norfolk Ave. between 3rd and 4th streets.

Cost is $15 for young adults, $8 for youth and cubs while families of three or more (no adult children) is $35. NFAA rules will be followed during the 450 Vegas archery tournament.

Concessions will also be available at both the indoor and outdoor ranges.

Other upcoming tournaments will be held on February 8-9 from the Madison County Fairgrounds being an Indoor 3-D event while back at the indoor range of the Norfolk Archery Club on March 7 (300 Round) and December 5 (450 Vegas).

2020 outdoor shoots will be June 13-14 (Outdoor 3D), July 18-19 (Extreme 3D), August 29-30 (Whitetails 3D) and September 19-20 (Outdoor 3D).

For questions about the club or about the tournament, call Mike Noelle at 402-640-8924 or Jason Mock at 402-750-4652. Visit or like Norfolk Archery on Facebook for more information.