New Branding Added To Wayne State College Along With New Alternate Wildcat Logo, Paw Logo Will Remain As WSC Legacy

WAYNE – College officials in northeast Nebraska released a new visual identity that began in the Fall of 2019.

According to a release from Wayne State College, the unveiling of a new look and feel for WSC was announced Wednesday evening. The redesigned visual identity consists of a reimagined wordmark and the addition of an iconic ‘W’ and Wildcat mascot that reflect the energy and vitality of the College.

Director of Athletics, Mike Powicki said it was a joint effort partnering with athletics, admissions, President Marysz Rames and others including being led by Director of College Relations, Jay Collier.

“In his vision and our need to kind of rebrand Wayne State College overall,” said Powicki. “We had that Wayne State College wordmark that we felt was kind of a little weak and little stagnant and didn’t give us a lot of versatility. So, that’s something that we wanted to create going through this process.”

Wayne State’s visual identity is an important part of its brand, as it is for all institutions. Logos are the shorthand route to thinking about the College in the context of the messages associated with Wayne State.

Powicki added the athletic department joined in the pursuit of establishing a new, bold identity for Wayne State College.

“Especially all the things that we’ve been doing lately the past three years with how aggressive we’ve been in the recruitment market and enrollment going the right direction,” Powicki added. “We just felt it the time to rebrand ourselves a little bit more.”

In the release, Jay Collier, director of College Relations said, “this is the first time in more than 15 years that Wayne State College has reimagined its visual identity. The last update was the adoption in 2005 of the Wayne State College wordmark so prevalent on our current printed and digital materials. And while the mark served us well, the look had grown dated. So, we took a fresh look at the College to see what we could do to breathe new life into our look and feel … while still honoring our past.”

Powicki also mentioned the college wanted to create an alternative Wildcat logo.

“That’s why we decided to really invest in developing an alternate logo not only for athletics but for the entire college to use,” Powicki mentioned. “While the Wayne State College mark, a new mark, is great and bold and really excited, I think there’s always going to be a need and a want to have something in addition to the paw logo that identifies us as Wildcats.”

Student groups and organizations that are wanting to use the logo will have access through part of the college’s shared universal drive that all of the departments can access or by making a request from the College Relations office.

The Wayne State archives chart the college’s use of a variety of images to project the College’s visual identity. The symbols and acronyms range from NNC (Nebraska Normal College 1891), WSN (Wayne State Normal 1914), NSTC (Nebraska State Teachers College 1928) and WSTC (Wayne State Teachers College 1958) to WSC (Wayne State College 1963).

The new logos reflect the College’s return to its visual roots.

Another constant since 1921 has been the Wildcat. The college was formerly known as the Tigers and the Teachers until 1921.

College officials want to stress the Wayne State College paw logo will remain as a part of the legacy at WSC.

“In the recruiting world in what you try and do in marketing and athletics to have a spin off or an alternate brand is definitely not out of the norm,” said Powicki. “It’s actually becoming the norm but to finally have that to complement the paw logo is exciting. I know it will be embraced by our coaches, our staff and the student-athletes.”

While the new Cat is a dynamic addition to the College’s logo inventory, it is not meant to replace the iconic Paw logo that has been used for Wayne State athletics since the 1980s. The new Cat logo will supplement and complement the existing athletics brand.

The new Cat logo was created by Kristi Nelson, a 2002 graduate of Wayne State who majored in graphic design. Nelson serves as marketing coordinator for the College. The W and wordmark were created by award-winning designers at Clark Creative Group in Omaha, with whom Wayne State has worked for the production of television, radio and digital advertising.

For information, contact Jay Collier, Director of College Relations at 402-375-7325 or or visit the Wayne State website at