Miracle League Of Sioux City Visits Wayne For Day 100 Of Wanna Have A Catch Campaign


WAYNE – A member of the Sioux City Miracle League Board of Directors made a stop in Wayne to play catch in-between Wednesday’s home Wayne State College baseball doubleheader with Winona State University.

From the Pete Chapman Baseball Complex, a special event highlighted ‘Wanna Have a Catch’ where founder of the campaign, Kevin Negaard played catch with WSC baseball team manager and Wayne native Jess Gibson.

It was nice Spring weather for a baseball game and day 100 of the campaign, according to Negaard.

“It’s been a really incredible experience,” said Negaard. “Had the opportunity to meet and play catch with some celebrities or what we’d call celebrities. But probably the most enjoyable catches are the ones with our Miracle League players.”

The ‘Wanna Have a Catch’ campaign started on January 18 as Wednesday’s stop was on the list toward Negaard’s pledge to play catch for 365 straight days. The goal is also to raise $100,000 for the Miracle League of Sioux City. Negaard has played in anything from a freezer, industrial arts room, an auditorium and everywhere in-between.

Jess Gibson has served as team manager for Wildcat baseball since 2017 and is a player at the Miracle League in Sioux City.

“I don’t want it all to be at the Miracle League Field or whatever,” Negaard added. “So, I try to and get out and go to where people are and things that are meaningful to them. Obviously, Wayne State baseball is really meaningful to Jess and his family. So, this was just a really cool opportunity to come out here.”

Joining Jess and Kevin was Wildcat junior left-handed pitcher Andrew Staebell who secured the save in the game one victory over Winona State.

Negaard mentioned what Wayne State College baseball has done and what they’ve learned as well as what most of us have probably learned at some point in our life.

“We can try to out give people but what we get back when we’re willing to do things for others is greater than what we can do for them,” Negaard added. “I think Jess is a classic example of that. He just gives so much back to whoever is around him that you can’t kind of out give him.”

The furthest distance in the previous 99 days has been Tanzania in east Africa where Negaard was at in early February for some mission work.

Find where Kevin Negaard has been for his campaign and follow along on his journey to play catch for 365 straight days by liking ‘Wanna Have a Catch?’ on Facebook for complete details.

Ethan Bryan wrote the book that really inspired Negaard to follow through with this campain talking about the intimacy of playing catch.

“Just playing catch brings people back to the simplicity of life,” Negaard said. “It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to cost anything. I think that’s probably the greatest thing is, the people so far have gone, ‘I haven’t picked up a glove for so long and I love this’. I think its probably inspired them to be ‘I’m going to carry my glove in my car and when have a friend or see someone I’m going to play catch.”

Fans can go to www.wannahaveacatch.org for more information.