Hochstein Surpasses Track & Field Milestone, 2,000 Teams Defeated


WAYNE – Members with the 2021 Wayne High girls and boys track & field team wanted to surprise their head coach following Wednesday’s practice.

From Kern Track in Wayne, Dale Hochstein has been coaching Blue Devil track & field since 1980 starting with junior high before moving to head coach in the 1987-88 season. He started with the girls until also taking over the boys team around 2000.

Recently his track teams have defeated 2,000 teams.

Coach Hochstein said two years ago in 2019 when he was putting some stuff together his daughter, Kiara found some information on how many teams he’s defeated.

“Need to turn in what our record was, you know how many wins and losses we’ve had,” said Hochstein. “She said ‘you’ve defeated this many teams?’. I said ‘yeah, you know whatever, the kids have’. I guess they’ve been keeping track since then. It should have happened the COVID year, it didn’t and these guys pulled it through this year.”

Personal records are not something coach Hochstein pays attention to; he’s just out there thinking about the program all the time.

Coach Hochstein was recognized by his team and family and given a banner which read ‘Congratulations Coach Dale Hochstein, 2,000 Teams Defeated’. The Wayne High track & field team was also joined by the ‘Run Club’ following practice Wednesday with a pizza party.

Coach Hochstein wanted to thank all the past and present Blue Devil athletes.

“The workouts we put and so forth together for them to perform to their best ability,” Hochstein added. “For us, them to know that we’re constantly changing and looking at the newest stuff and getting them the best possibly opportunity to be as good as they could possibly be. They’ve bought into that and they’ve done the hard work.”

Since coach Hochstein has been coaching, Wayne High has sent individuals to state track every year.


Last week, the team had 31 pr’s in Schuyler and 29 in a freshmen/sophomore meet with improvement points earlier this week. The Norfolk Track Classic will take place today (Thursday) in Norfolk where four individuals and one relay team (4×800) on the girls side will compete in five different events while four individuals and two relay teams (4×100/4×400) on the boys side will compete in five different events.

Complete details can be found here.