Freestyle, Greco Youth Wrestling Takes Over Columbus High

COLUMBUS – A trio of Wayne Wrestling Club participants were recently in action this past weekend during the 2022 NEUSA Freestyle and Greco State Tournament.

From Columbus High School in Columbus on Sunday, May 8, Grady Maas, Grant Maas and Adrian Zarate were all in action wrestling for the Wisner Rec team.

Grady Maas placed second in the 12U Explorer Grade (68-69) going 0-2; third in the 12U Explorer FS (68-70) going 0-2; fourth in the 12U Greco (70) going 1-3 and fourth in the 12U Freestyle (70) going 1-3.

Grant Maas placed runner-up in the 16U Explorer FS (128-134) going 2-1 and third in the 16U Explorer Grade (128-135) going 3-1.

Adrian Zarate finished second in the 8U Greco (56-62) going 0-2 and second in the 8U Freestyle (56-62) going 0-2.


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