Final Results From Summerland, Elkhorn Valley Tournaments

EWING/TILDEN – Two High School Holiday Basketball Tournaments featuring area teams completed their second and final day of competition on Tuesday.

From Ewing, Tri County Northeast competed in the Summerland Tourney while Norfolk Catholic and Battle Creek continued their pre-holiday schedule during the Elkhorn Valley Tournament.


Day two scores from the Summerland Tourney:

Girls consolation: CWC defeated Walthill, 70-45

Boys consolation: Tri County Northeast defeated CWC, 57-29

Girls championship: Summerland defeated Tri County Northeast, 48-40

Boys Championship: Walthill defeated Summerland, 68-46


Day two scores during the Elkhorn Valley Tourney:

Girls consolation: Elkhorn Valley defeated Ainsworth, 56-40

Boys consolation: Ainsworth defeated Elkhorn Valley, 58-55

Girls championship: Battle Creek defeated Norfolk Catholic, 39-34

Boys championship: Norfolk Catholic defeated Battle Creek, 55-39