Blue Devil Bowling Teams Secure Road Wins

HARTINGTON – Following a home dual victory for the Wayne High boys bowling team, both the Blue Devil girls and boys varsity bowling teams took to the road for dual competition.

From Broadway Lanes in Hartington, WHS joined the host Hartington-Newcastle Saturday afternoon.

The Wayne High boys battled a tough Hartington team. The two teams went back-and-forth in game one. WHS won the first match with a 679-609 pin total. Individually James Dorcey (158), Calvin Starzl (134), Brogan Foote (149) and Tanner Sievers (117) each picked up an individual win for the Blue Devils. Other scorers for Wayne came from Shayne Geidner/Peyton Riesberg (121). Individual play was highlighted by Tanner Sievers throwing two strikes in the 10th frame to earn a one pin victory.

The second game again found Wayne in a back-and-forth battle and would pick up the victory with a 777-714 pin total. Leading the charge for Wayne in game two was Brogan Foote (177) followed by Tanner Sievers/Koby Nelson (170), Calvin Starzl/Shayne Geidner (153), James Dorcey (140) and Peyton Riesberg (130). Picking up individual wins for the Blue Devils were Tanner Sievers/Koby Nelson, James Dorcey and Calvin Starzl/Shayne Geidner. The Blue Devil boys also won the baker game 157-123. Final match score, Wayne 18 and Hartington-Newcastle 3.

The Blue Devil girls also got a tough win Saturday in Hartington. Wayne struggled to start with figuring out the oil pattern but continued to battle. Match one would go back-and-forth through six frames but Wayne pulled away through the final four frames. Natalie Bentjen (147), Jersi Jensen (147), Jamie Janke (125) and Andi Belt (171) would all earn individual wins in game one. Game one was highlighted with Andi Belt recording a strike in the ninth frame and twice in the 10th frame to win by four pins. Another scorer for Wayne included Brianna Nissen (121). Girls won their first match 711-583 pin total.

Match two would find the Lady Blue Devils in a slug fest the entire game with total going back-and-forth. Natalie Bentjen/Riley Haschke (141), Jamie Janke (143) and Andi Belt (162) would all earn individual wins. Other scorers included Jersi Jensen (150) and Brianna Nissen/Catherine Rutenbeck (155). Wayne would go on and win the second match 751 to 687. Wayne found themselves in a true battle in the baker game and needed Catherine Rutenbeck to spare and get seven pins in the 10th frame to win. Rutenbeck stepped up, got her spare, and then got eight pins to win the baker game 134-133. Final score Wayne 18 and Hartington 3.

The Wayne High girls and boys bowling teams will next be in action on Thursday, January 14 during a home dual with Howells-Dodge from Wildcat Lanes in Wayne. Bowling will begin at 4:30 p.m.