Wayne Community Schools Students Splitting Up Workout Times This Summer, Gyms & Weight Rooms To Open June 1

WAYNE – As the May 31 date approaches, NSAA member schools across the state of Nebraska are gearing up to open their weight rooms and gyms getting their student-athletes back into shape following the past couple months of no school-related activities.

Officials with Wayne Community Schools have been getting everything lined up to allow student-athletes workout opportunities they’ve been missing since mid-March. The gyms and weight rooms will open back up starting Monday, June 1.

Dave Wragge has been in the transition mode from his previous 7-8 science teaching position to Wayne Community Schools Athletic Director and Junior High Principal. Mr. Wragge said it was a learning experience for not only the students but the staff on handing the lessons out this past spring.

“During the shutdown there, yeah I was still putting out lessons and still getting that stuff for the kids,” said Wragge. “Was kind of a nice way to finish everything up being able to stay with them and get all that stuff done. So, it was good.”

Wragge talked about students who returned to gather their belongings and bring back school materials which went really well.

“I know at both buildings we had great community participation,” Wragge added. “Teachers helped out with the multiple distribution sites having them call in. It was curbside pick-up, came out and they dropped of their stuff and we handed them back.”

After first hearing that schools would be able to open their weight rooms, Wragge stated school officials were excited.

“The hallways and the buildings (have) just been way to quiet,” Wragge mentioned. “I think everybody kind of feels that right now. The first thing we thought about is how can we do this safely, how can we keep everybody safe from everything and scheduling all that out.”

Wayne Community Schools will follow the initial guidelines of 10 students at a time with 15 minutes in-between each group to clean and sanitize. Each group will have to follow the six-foot social distancing guidelines and are expected to wipe down equipment before moving onto their next workout.

More coaches will be participating as each student will get to work out two days a week and then agilities will be added. There will be seven time slots available Monday through Thursday with boys lifting Monday’s and Wednesday’s as well as girls lifting Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. The length of each workout, structure and time schedule will remain the same just limiting the amount of kids in the weight room at one time will be different.

“So, we’re going to be able to get everybody in,” said Wragge. “Still getting good work in, getting good workouts. But allowing the space they need and the smaller numbers they need with that.”

Temperatures will be taken before students enter the weight room and boys or girls won’t be able to switch groups once they’re set. The janitorial staff will also deep clean all the equipment on Friday’s as there’ll also be a cleaning schedule each day.

Wragge added the biggest thing is getting back into structure and routine as far as lifting on these days and running on those days.

“We got great kids and I know the efforts is going to be there and the drive is going to be there,” Wragge added. “I think they’re as excited as anybody to get back in and get working out; get back into the athletics side from things.”

Wayne Community Schools students won’t be doing a ton of heavy weightlifting to get their muscle building rather wanting to maintain the muscle that they have already built. A lot of the workouts will use dumbbells instead of getting into the bar. During the agility work, each student will be able to get out on Kern Track while also utilizing the gym.

Phase II reopening Directed Health Measures (DHMs) will apply to all counties except Dakota, Hall, Hamilton and Merrick starting June 1 while the two health districts of Dakota County Health Department and Central District Health Department will follow the Phase I reopening.