Blue Devil Boys Golf Graduates Six Seniors From 19-Member Team

WAYNE – The Wayne High boys golf season was just a couple weeks away when they first got word of the season seeing it’s first postponement before officially being cancelled.

High numbers of 19 golfers were signed up and most were able to get out to the Wayne Country Club for practice with the nice weather in early Spring.

Josh Johnson was entering his fourth-year coaching boys golf and has led the Blue Devil girls team the past dozen-plus years. He said six of the 19 high school boys were seniors.

“So, that’s kind of the bittersweet thing with me being the fourth year,” said Johnson. “These were the freshman guys that came in to build where we wanted to be. So, that was kind of a tough thing to have happen.”

Coach Johnson added more about seeing the senior class grow.

“Watching them come in as a freshman and for a couple of them just showing them even how to hold a club and what to do,” Johnson added. “Just watching them grow into young men and golfers has been quite a bit of fun.”

Wayne High was scheduled to host the District meet from the Wayne Country Club but were unable to due to COVID-19.

NSAA spring activity practices began on March 2 and most of the Wayne High boys golfers were able to get out on the course during the first two weeks.

“I think, if I remember right, seven or eight of those 10 days we were outside on the course playing,” Johnson mentioned. “Which last year, I think we were only on the course two days before our first invite. So, being able to get out there was just  such a fun thing and then to have everything come crashing down was rough on them.”

Coach Johnson talked more about the help he has gotten over the past years being volunteers of the program.

“Friends of the family if you will,” said Johnson. “People like Casey Brentlinger who’s a competitor. But then older-timers like Mike Varley has helped out in the past, Andi Diediker has been a ton of help and Alex Salmon whenever he can make it. So, I always have a few guys that bop out when they’re available which is just enormous help. I appreciate those guys.”

Next for all student-athletes will be getting back in the weight room and putting in the work preparing for their next sports season. Governor Ricketts stated that NSAA member schools will be able to open their weight room starting June 1 as long as all restrictions and guidelines are followed.