Dirt Devil Softball In Holding Pattern Awaiting For Approval To Play Ball, Postseason Games Postponed

WAYNE – As summer baseball could still have a chance of a regular season over the next couple months, a local softball association is looking for the same.

Youth who signed up for Dirt Devil softball in Wayne have seen a delayed start to their season with COVID-19 causing so many events to cancel or postpone.

Dallas Dorey has been the president of the Dirt Devil Softball Board for over seven years and said practices would have already started and even a few tournaments being set in a couple of weeks.

“With the health situation going on we’re kind of in a holding pattern,” said Dorey. “I guess we originally had plan ‘A’ of when the DHMs first came out of trying to start around mid-May then that got pushed back to June 1. Now, hopefully we get to start June 1 and ideally get some games in and hopefully some tournaments.”

The board will look to follow the guidance of the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department, City of Wayne and Governor Pete Ricketts.

Dorey added the Dirt Devil softball sign-up numbers were looking really good.

“We had probably over 15, 8s and probably about the same number of 10s,” Dorey added. “About a dozen 12s and probably 12 or 13 14s and then we were going to have 11 or 12 on our high school (team) which is combined 16/18s.”

Dirt Devil softball competes in the Logan Valley League as the 14s and 16/18s were going to host their league tournaments in late June but the league has since canceled their tournament.

The Dirt Devil Softball Tournament was scheduled for May 29-31 but has tentatively been rescheduled to July 3-5 pending crowd restrictions

As of early May, district and state softball tournaments the Dirt Devil teams compete in have just been postponed.

“So, our districts will actually be that last full weekend in June,” Dorey mentioned. “Those are different places around the area. Then state tournaments have been pushed back middle to late July.”

Some Logan Valley softball teams will look to play a shortened league schedule with a few teams in the league but again not able to compete in the league tournament.

With current restrictions on sporting events in Nebraska lasting until May 31, hypothetically, the Dirt Devil Softball teams could start their season June 1 unless the measures are extended.

“We kind of as a board have made the decision of, we need at least a couple weeks of practice before we play games,” said Dorey. “It’s not really fair to the players if you don’t have any practices and you go out and play games. We were kind of going by the same guidelines of a couple weeks of practices before games.”

Dirt Devil softball coaches are Annie Kniesche (8s); Justin Dutcher, Chris McGuire, Christian Legler and Kendall Dorey (10s); Hannah Belt and Amber Gamble (12s); Brandon Hall, Lauren Gilliland and Jesse Titiml (14s) as well as Dallas Dorey and Ashten Gibson (16/18s).

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