Zach Jorgensen Of Wayne Ready To Release His Second Children’s Book, ‘I Can Be Anything’

WAYNE – Zach Jorgensen, a Wayne resident, is ready to release his second children’s book. This one is titled I Can Be Anything.

Jorgensen, 23, is an author, graphic designer, motivational speaker, and vlogger. In a wheelchair since he was 10, Jorgensen wants to share his positive outlook on life. He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was five years old.

Jorgensen talked about his situation and how his mindset became so positive.

“There was a time in my life where I was not happy about the situation I was in, and there just came a day where I talked to a friend,” Jorgensen stated. “Just think about what I can do instead of what I can’t do,” Jorgensen regurgitated his friend’s words.

Jorgensen’s first book, Wheelchairs Aren’t Scary, was about teaching children to not be afraid of wheelchairs. He explained his second book, I Can Be Anything.

“This book is basically to teach children with disabilities to follow their dreams and that they can be anything they want, in life, despite their obstacles,” he declared.

I Can Be Anything also aims to teach children without disabilities that children with disabilities are just like them.

Getting his graphic design degree from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, Jorgensen said he enjoys making the illustrations for his books the most. Mainly though, he creates books for the meaningful messages they entail.

Outside of his college years, Jorgensen has lived in Wayne his whole life. He described and thanked the Wayne community for everything they have given him.

“The Wayne community has had a huge impact on my life because the whole community is just so supportive of everyone,” he said. “Through that (support) I’ve just learned to stay positive and try to be successful in life.”

Also, Zach Jorgensen would like to thank his family for encouraging him to follow his dreams. He thanked the Armstrong family for being longtime friends and for helping him throughout the book-publishing process.

He hopes that once everything can get close to normal from COVID-19, that he can entertain more motivational speaking opportunities. Jorgensen wants to continue writing and hopes he’ll have an announcement of a third book within a year. For now, his second book will be revealed to the world on Tuesday, July 21. I Can Be Anything and Wheelchairs Aren’t Scary can be purchased on Zach’s website at His books can also be found at His YouTube vlog is available here. To contact Zach Jorgensen for motivational speaking or for a book signing, email him at

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