Zach Jorgensen Of Wayne Published His Third Book, “The Adventures of Super Wheels”

WAYNE – Zach Jorgensen, 23, has just released his third children’s book titled, “The Adventures of Super Wheels.” The book is available on his website, or on Amazon. It is intended for children ages three to eight.

Jorgensen, a Wayne native, summarized the plot of his latest work.

“It is about a middle school student who gets bullied at school because he is in a wheelchair,” he said. “His parents, that are scientists, decide to make him a special wheelchair and a special suit that gives him special abilities.”

Jorgensen graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a degree in graphic design. At age five, he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This is where someone’s muscles gradually get weaker. Jorgensen utilizes a wheelchair to get from place to place.

The 23-year-old uses his situation to inspire. He talked about some goals he has for this book.

“Teach children about things disability-wise, and just to encourage children with disabilities that they can overcome anything,” Jorgensen stated.

“The Adventures of Super Wheels” is a more light-hearted approach to teaching children these lessons. His first two books took on a more serious light, according to Jorgensen.

The author attributes his outlook on life to a close friend when he was younger. Jorgensen has a message for anyone struggling with life at this time.

“I would say just to keep pushing forward and never give up and just try to stay positive as much as you can,” he advised.

Jorgensen also speaks motivationally. COVID-19 has limited his opportunities, but he is still looking for work in this area. He also specializes in graphic design by creating all the illustrations for his books. Additionally, Jorgensen is open to other graphic design opportunities. Simply, click on the contact tab at to ask him about graphic design or motivational speaking opportunities. Also, a vlogger, find Jorgensen’s vlog by searching “Jorgey” on YouTube.

He said he plans on continuing his career as an author in hopes of publishing a fourth book sometime soon.