Year-Long Courtroom Table Discussion Tabled, Dump Truck Bid Approved

WAYNE – With a three-week period taking place in-between, the Wayne County Board of Commissioners held their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday morning.

From the Wayne County Courthouse courtroom, one of the first agenda items was the discussion of replacing tables in the courtroom.

District Judge, Mark Johnson and County Judge, Ross Stoffer both brought forward pricing on two, seven-foot tables with discussion of replacing courtroom tables being heard for a year. The pair of tables with wood veneer would cost $1,181 and the other pair with laminate top for $1,228. The judges preferred the laminate top if they can match the wood stain with the rest of the wood in the courtroom.

The current tables they have are only six-feet long and don’t match the rest of the woodwork in the courtroom. The judges also brought forward of having an additional 36 x 84-inch extended table for one of the seven-foot tables to allow more to be seated facing the judge at the table. This extension would be on wheels and cost $661 with wood veneer or $695 laminate.

Instead of purchasing these tables, the commissioners tabled the agenda item with the hopes of taking the two 8+ foot tables that are being used (one in the jury room and other holding the video equipment) to test out the length when court is in session. Commissioners would also like to see pricing on two, eight-foot all-wood, tables that match the woodwork with a glass top along with hearing from the Clerk of District Court and Clerk Magistrate.

After rejecting the last round of bids for a tri-axle dump truck, three more bids were accepted Tuesday. The lowest bid from RDO Truck Center didn’t meet the specs so the next lowest was approved from Cornhusker for a 2018 International with an aluminum box with a trade-in value price of $72,965. The truck will be delivered immediately.

The next Wayne County Board of Commissioners regularly scheduled meeting will be Tuesday, May 7 at 9 a.m.