W.W. Galore, A New Vintage Store In Downtown Wayne, Now Open

WAYNE – W.W. Galore is a new store in Downtown Wayne. They just opened their doors on Sunday, May 31. W.W. Galore has just about any decorative item imaginable. They sell home décor, custom metal cut-outs, candles, quilts, doors, and that’s just the beginning.

Some of their products come from local vendors looking to sell their crafts. Other items are things that owner Jamie Anderson hunted down and refurbished. Jamie Anderson talked about a useful purpose for people to shop at her store and her strong ties to the local community.

“We have a large variety of items. It’s a great place to look for gifts,” she stated. “We want to support local families. Everything in here supports a local family, I don’t sell anything from a big-box store.”

The store name is a reference to a song from the film The Little Mermaid. The song is called “Part of Your World,” where a certain line of the song goes, “I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore.” Hence the name W.W. Galore, exemplifying the items in the store well.

W.W. Galore gets a small commission on products they sell from vendors, but the store is a great place for people to sell their handmade crafts. Especially, if they don’t have the time or means to sell objects themselves. W.W. Galore is still looking for new vendors. Yet, they’ll stay loyal to current and newly added vendors.

Now big enough inside a brand-new store, W.W. Galore will rent booths dedicated to a vendor. This works great for someone that has a specific hobby and wants to make money from it.

Repurposed or refurbished crafts come from all over. Jamie Anderson spoke to how she finds things that need a new purpose.

“I do love garage sales, I love auctions, I love digging through people’s barns,” Anderson declared. “People will call me and say, ‘hey I’ve got some stuff in my barn, you want to come look at it’, or ‘I’ve got some stuff in my basement, you want to come look at it.’”

Jamie Anderson moved her store from Wakefield. She has been in the process of changing location since September of 2019. Anderson explained the reasoning for moving her store into downtown Wayne and how the Wakefield store got started.

“I started asking my friends and other people if they wanted to sell their hand-crafted items in there (Wakefield store), and it kind of grew, and kind of out-grew that building then,” she said. “That’s when I decided to find a little busier and bigger location.”

Since 2013, W.W. Galore has been in business around Northeast Nebraska. They’re a family-run operation, with Anderson and her daughters. Also, a friend of Anderson’s helps out when necessary. This allows the store to give more money to their vendors.

There have been many people in and out of W.W. Galore, since it’s opening on 3rd and Main Street. For more information about the store visit their Facebook page here. For additional information or to ask about consignment options call Jamie Anderson at 402-660-3607.