WSC Students Encouraging All To Use Refillable Bottles

WAYNE – Service-learning students in Business Ethics at Wayne State College are joining forces to help increase the use of refillable water bottles on campus, the City of Wayne and surrounding communities.

According to a release from Wayne State College, these students are pledging to ‘Reduce Reuse Refill’ in an effort to expand the use of refillable water bottles to reduce on plastic waste that is harmful to the ecosystem.

Wayne State College installed water refilling stations in various buildings on campus to encourage the use of refillable bottles. Gardner Hall, home of the Wayne State College Business and Economics Department, has the newest refilling station.

The students have worked diligently in their research and have found ways to spread the word on using reusable bottles. The United States spends a lot of money for litter to be picked up in public places, with no incentives to recycle (like other beverages), and plastic is costly to produce. According to the Water Project, the average American spends about $5 per week on bottled water that amounts to about $260 per year that can be saved by using a reusable water bottle. Prices for bottled water can be as much as 2,000 times more expensive than just simply drinking tap water.

By drinking tap water instead of bottled water, you are saving yourself from the harmful chemicals that come off the bottled water and can get into your bloodstream. Plastic bottles gradually leak a chemical called BPA and other harmful chemicals, and these chemicals can alter hormones as well as have other negative effects on our bodies. According to Ecowatch as much as 64 percent of bottled water on the market is just tap water. A study from Boston University said that only one out of every third taste tester in a tap water taste test could correctly pick out the tap water compared to the bottled water.

Wayne State College and Wayne community members as well as businesses are encouraged to take pledge online using the survey link: If community members would like more information about the drive, they are encouraged to contact one of the groups involved.