WSC President Reminds Students They’re Missed Every Day

WAYNE – As students at Wayne State College continue their remote delivery online learning, Presidents Marysz Rames recently shared her thoughts for students along with candidates for graduation.

Presidents Rames is thinking about the soon to be graduates every day.

“I want to let you know how much it means to me and the rest of the Wayne State community that you have all worked so hard to get where you are today,” said President Rames. “I want you to understand that we would not be Wayne State College without the extraordinary contributions you and your classmates make to campus every day.”

From academic commitments, athletic accomplishments, music and theatre performances, art exhibits, learning communities, service-learning projects, clubs and organizations and service on college committees and in student governments turn opportunities into outcome at Wayne State College.

President Rames added the college is filled with regret that the face-to-face aspect of the semester ended so abruptly.

“Relationships like ours flourish on fond farewells and all of the traditions, large and small, that mark your transition from student to graduate,” President Rames added. “That is why we’re working so hard behind the scenes to ensure we can reconvene this summer for a Willow Bowl graduation for all of you as long as conditions permit our gathering.”

President Rames ended her message by letting all of the Wayne State College students know how much they are missed.

“Stay strong and healthy, stay connected and engaged in your classes and most of all stay positive and confident,” President Rames mentioned. “That we will again gather as a Wildcat family to learn and to teach, to compete and play, to greet each other in the classroom, halls and public spaces, to sing, perform, create and celebrate the power of education and the transformative power of a Wayne State College degree.”

Wayne State College also recently posted information about New Student Registration (NSR) which is a program for new students who are ready to enroll in classes beginning Fall of 2020. The purpose of the NSR program is to provide students with a smooth transition to college. All first-time freshmen are encouraged to attend a New Student Registration program.

For more information, go to or join the Wayne State College Class of 2024 Facebook page.

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