WSC Enrollment Continues To Show Growth, President Rames Looks Ahead To Friday

WAYNE – President Marysz Rames at Wayne State College joined the “View from Wayne America” in late September looking at the start of the 2021 fall semester.

President Rames highlighted homecoming week at Wayne State College with several events taking part on campus along with the continued growth in enrollment at WSC.

Since 2017, Wayne State College enrollment has soared growing by 24%. This also includes a 56% growth in the college’s graduate programs during the same span of time.

President Rames addressed that college enrollment continues to grow.

“We’re really thrilled to continue to attract students to the college,” said Rames. “Most importantly, ultimately, graduate them as well. So, we’re very excited that we continue to see a lot of interest in the college.”

A total of 801 students joined this year’s freshmen class.

Headcount at WSC has increased by 384 students since 2020, for a total enrollment of 4249, with significant gains in degree-seeking students. In addition to the growth in the number of students enrolled at WSC, Wayne State has improved its four-year graduation rate by 3.5% and maintained a 73% retention rate for students moving from their first to second year of study. The average retention rate for open enrollment public four-year institutions like Wayne State is 61%, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

With homecoming week upon us at Wayne State College, a pair of ribbon cuttings are slated for Friday, October 1. One is at Benthack Hall at 3:30 p.m. which supports students in area of education, family consumer sciences, interior design and counseling.

“So, we really believe that that renovation is really going to help us attract more students into those majors as well,” Rames added. “The education labs are just phenomenal. I really appreciate the support from the state through LB309 funds and then of course our donor support is always strong and then the college being able to bring some funds to the table.”

The Peterson Fine Arts Building will also have a renovation ceremony on Friday, October 1 at 3 p.m.

Among the current renovation includes adding two new boxes to the building in support of band and choir. President Rames mentioned this will give the students and professors the right type of space.

“So that they are being able to practice their discipline in space that allows them to actually hear their own instruments,” Rames mentioned. “Be able to create that kind of music both vocal and instrumental that we want them to have.”

This project is planned to be completed in just over a year.

Find the complete list of homecoming events at and hear the complete interview with President Rames below:

(Recorded on Sept. 23)