WSC Constitution Day Winners Announced

WAYNE – The third Thursday in September featured Constitution Day on the campus of Wayne State College hosted by the history honor society.

According to a release from WSC, Phi Alpha Theta hosted the event on September 17 and recently announced the winners.

Wayne State College joined other educational institutions across the nation to commemorate Constitution Day. In 1787, the Founding Fathers signed the most influential document in United States history. This day celebrated that document and the recognition of all U.S. born or naturalized citizens.

Honor society members handed out free pocket Constitutions in the Kanter Student Center on September 17. Students were also invited to study the document and then take a challenging trivia quiz on constitutional facts. The quiz was available from 12:01 a.m., Thursday, Sept. 17, to noon on Friday, September 18.

A total of 162 people attempted the quiz. The average score was 41 percent (four of the 10 questions were answered correctly.).

Three students got all 10 questions correct. Being Myah Gibney of Fremont; Sara Lundeen of Axtell and Connor Vaselaar of Sheldon, Iowa.

Seven students got nine of the 10 questions correct. They were Michelle Brezina of Bellwood; Samuel Christiansen of Stanton; Emma Dahir of Minden, Iowa; Sam Larsen of Blair; Kassidy McClun of Veteran, Wyo.; Regan Ott of Fort Worth, Texas and Reagan Settje of Creston.

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