With Frigid Weather Continuing, AAA Gave Tips To Avoid Auto Accidents

LINCOLN – Temperatures continue to sit around zero. According to AAA, this weather leads to more calls regarding dead car batteries. The following are some tips from the auto club to avoid this issue.

Batteries generally live for three to five years. Getting a car battery tested can give the motorist an idea of how long the battery might live.

Also, park in a garage any time possible. If parking in a garage is not possible, then plug into a block heater. Do not park facing the wind. It is always a good idea to have a set of jumper cables handy.

There are other ways a car can malfunction under winter conditions. Here are some bonus tips from AAA.

Check tire pressure, while keeping in mind that pressure drops about 1-2 pounds per 10 degrees of temperature drop. Maintaining PSI recommendations is important for traction.

Keep at least a half-tank full of gas to avoid gas line freeze ups. Moreover, use cold-weather windshield wiper fluid. Finally, carry an emergency car kit. The more remote roads one drives on, the more one should pack in the kit.

Visit www.AAA.com, for more information.