Wisner Junior Livestock Show From June 25-28

WAYNE – The 2020 Wisner Junior Livestock Show is set to begin on Thursday, June 25. The event will go until Sunday, June 28. Wisner River Park in Wisner, NE will be the site of this year’s event. Boys and girls ages eight to under 19 will compete in everything from horse and cattle shows to fishing and archery contests.

Mitch Schweers, head of the livestock show committee, talked about what went into the decision to do the livestock show this year.

“May 31st rolled around and we kind of decided that we were going to make the call then,” he said. “They’re starting to lift restrictions, and we decided to go ahead with it because that was about the time when we had to start advertising, get our awards ordered, and make sure everyone knew about the event.”

The fundraiser for trophies was postponed back in March. This has caused the prizes this year to be medals and ribbons rather than trophies for Reserve and Grand Champions. They’re still going to award belt buckles to the Champion Showmen at all levels. The kid’s archery contest, Saturday June 27th, has prizes of arrows and other archery materials. The archery shoot is open to all youth. Kids can win poles and other fishing items at the kid’s fishing contest. Fishing prizes are donated by the Wisner Area Chamber of Commerce.

Schweers specifies when to register for each event and summarizes the schedule for the weekend.

“Thursday night we have horses and a horse show. You can show up the day of and register. Then Friday night is for sheep and cattle registration,” Schweers stated. “You show up the night before and those shows will begin Saturday morning. Then following is pig registration, Saturday night with the show going on Sunday.”

The rest of the animals are day-of-registration events. Livestock judging will begin a half hour after the sheep show ends on Saturday. The rabbit show is scheduled for Saturday. On Sunday, there will be bucket calves, dairy, and goats shows.

There will be some restrictions to be practiced at the livestock show. They ask that everyone try to stay six-feet apart. It’s encouraged that people let parents closest to the arena. There will be no bleachers or concession stands at the show. It is recommended people bring their own lawn chairs. Food trucks will be available.

One special addition to this year’s show is the Dog Show. The committee wasn’t sure there would be enough competition, but they decided to add the show for Saturday, June 27th. Another interesting show for Saturday is the antique show/flea market starting at 9 a.m. This will be the first antique show/flea market for the Wisner Junior Livestock Show.

Mitch Schweers talked about admission and registration costs.

“That’s another nice thing about Wisner, no charge, we just encourage participation,” he said. “We like to get these kids ready for their county fairs and hopefully the state fair.”

This will be the 45th annual Wisner Junior Livestock Show. Pinnacle Bank will be serving breakfast burritos on Saturday, June 27th at 7:30 a.m. Check out their Facebook page for the full schedule and further details.

Dan Baddorf contributed to this story.