Winter Weather Preparedness Tips

Winter Weather Preparedness Tips
Courtesy of Region 11 Emergency Management.

NORFOLK – With the winter Weather Awareness Day for Iowa and Nebraska scheduled for Thursday, November 10, local officials want to share winter weather preparedness tips.

According to a release from Region 11 Emergency Manager, Bobbi Risor, it looks like winter weather may be starting to make an appearance, so make sure that you are ready.

Region 11 Emergency Management covers Antelope County, Madison County, Pierce County and the City of Norfolk.

Make sure to prepare by having extra supplies on hand. This should include a flashlight and extra batteries; extra food and water; extra medicine and baby items as well as an alternate heat source (space heater, fireplace, wood stove, etc.).

Winterize your vehicle by checking your battery, wipers, coolant and other systems that could be affected by cold temperatures. Also, check your tires to make sure they have good tread and pack an emergency supply kit for your vehicle (which includes items such as blankets, high-calorie non-perishable food items, sack of sand or cat litter for traction, shovel, scraper and battery booster cables).

Nebraska winters can be brutal, but with a little preparation, travelers can enjoy the winter months safely.

Reach out to Bobbi Risor, Region 11 Emergency Manager Director at 402-844-2050 or email

A note from the National Weather Service in Omaha/Valley, November 10 is also being set aside as the winter Weather Awareness Day in Iowa and Nebraska.

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