Winter Driving Information Provided by Department Of Transportation

WAYNE – With parts of the region getting the taste of winter weather in late October, state officials are encouraging drivers to prepare for the changing conditions.

According to a release from the Nebraska Department of Transportation, those on the roadways need to know what to prepare for and options they have come this winter.

NDOT works closely with its partners at the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP), Nebraska Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service to be well prepared for winter weather before it approaches. While NDOT strives to be ready for all winter storms, some are so severe, no amount of preparation can forestall hazardous conditions that come with extremely low temperatures, low visibility, heavy snowfall or dangerous ice.

During 2018-19, Nebraska saw one of their worst winters on record where there were more snow events than anyone could recall at NDOT. Crews were well prepared tackling last season and they remain committed to clearing the roadways at quickly as possible.

NDOT continues to ask travelers to keep an eye on the weather and travel conditions before heading out on the road.

When winter weather conditions are hazardous, NDOT may advise motorists to restrict their travel or even advise them not to travel at all. Such advisories are not issued without considerable thought and weighing the effects. Ultimately, the reduction of travelers on the roadway during a winter event improves safety for all who share the roadway, while also assisting NDOT with timely snow and ice removal.

As winter storms approach, travelers are urged to be alert, be aware and check the most up-to-date travel conditions available through 511, Nebraska’s Advanced Traveler Information System. The system is available at all times via Nebraska 511’s smartphone app, online at or by dialing 511 on your mobile device within the state, or if dialing from a landline or outside Nebraska at 1‑800-906-9069.