Winside Senior Cruise Night Slated For Friday, Final Day Of School Is May 15

WINSIDIE – A week after a senior class concluded their final day of school, they’ll be taking photos Friday with their cap and gown leading up to a cruise night event put on by the parents Friday night.

As Winside Public Schools close out their final quarter of the 2019-20 school year, superintendent Andrew Offner talks about how the schools has been tackling this current situation and upcoming dates for students to take note. Offner is just completing his first year as the superintendent in Winside and recently served five years as a principal at Madison Public Schools.

Winside Public Schools have been focusing on getting meals out to their students and families along with building online supports. Offner said their main focus was making sure the seniors get the credits they need to graduate.

“Which we have accomplished because that wrapped up actually Friday (May 1),” said Offner. “The big push was to make sure that they got the credits they needed to graduate so we can get their transcripts ready and they can get to whatever post-secondary destination they’re going to be heading to into the fall.”

All assignments were due for the Winside seniors on their final day which was last Friday, May 1. School officials will also be visiting the homes of the 2020 Winside graduates throughout the day Friday to deliver signs along with getting pictures with the seniors in their cap and gown. The cruise night (changed from previous story) is actually this evening (Friday, May 8) from 6 until 6:30 p.m.

Winside Public Schools have also been reaching out to Winside parents making sure the needs of their children are being met. Lower elementary students have received packets to keep improving their skills along with using Zoom and other online resources for the teaching instructions for upper elementary, junior high and high school students.

Offner mentioned this whole process is new to everyone but not having the students in the building has been stressful for the parents, students and community.

“But I think we’ve come together really nicely and we’re supporting all those facets,” Offner added. “Especially making sure that they have food security. Just checking in with them on a daily basis and reaching out to them and seeing what they need for support.”

For the remainder of Winside Public Schools students, their final day will be Friday, May 15 which is just a few days early from the scheduled final day of school. Students are being asked to collect their chromebooks, textbooks and other materials used during the virtual or home-based learning to turn into the school building between May 18-20. Items will be placed on tables and sanitized before being put away the following week.

The food program will also end May 15 at Winside Public Schools.

Staff will then discuss the start of next year between May 18 – 22.

“How we are going to identify maybe any skills that might not have taken hold because of what’s happen this last quarter,” said Offner. “How we’re going to support our students and making sure that they’re up to speed as quickly as possible and make sure that there’s no gaps that have formed.”

With this being Teacher Appreciation Week, Offner wanted to thank everyone saying the staff has been doing a phenomenal job.

“The teaching staff reaching out to parents…my para/custodial/cooking staff has just been amazing…my office staff has been just knocking it out of the park… my principal Mr. Friedrich,” said Offner. “We’ve taken a community approach during this whole thing and it’s just been fantastic; the response from the staff.”

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