Wildlife Encounters Visit Wayne Youth, Select Few Have Chance To Touch Animals


WAYNE – Elementary students were treated to an opportunity in viewing, and some feeling, creatures from across the country.

Wildlife Encounters, who has been at the Wayne County Fair, visited the Wayne Elementary School Wednesday afternoon.

Herman Chiropractic, located at 1302 West 7th Street, sponsored the event a part of their Patient Appreciation Day at the Wayne Clinic. Dr. Joelle Herman said about six years ago they invited Wildlife Encounters to Wayne and really enjoyed the excitement of the children.

“It’s a program that all ages can enjoy,” said Dr. Herman. “So, when we thought about bringing them to us we thought why not have them come early and get all the kids in Wayne an opportunity to see them. They were out at the fair this summer and it’s always a big talk about how wonderful they are.”

Wildlife Encounters is based out of Gretna and offers educational outreach programs.

Six animals were introduced where students had an opportunity to hold or pet the animal. They included a blue tongue skink, American alligator, a roughly 20-year old red-footed tortoise, Honduran milk snake, fennec fox (smallest fox in the world) and a skunk.

“I wouldn’t have expected the skunk to be quite as exciting since, unfortunately, many of us has seen those in our area,” Dr. Herman added. “I like all the different animals that they maybe don’t get to see.”

Several questions were brought up about the types of animals and what’s the largest animal at Wildlife Encounters, which is about an eight-foot alligator.

Herman Chiropractic patients are invited to their parking lot located in Wayne for hamburgers, hot dogs and more starting at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday with a Wildlife Encounters program to follow at 7 p.m.

“We’re really looking at an opportunity to thank all of our current patients,” Dr. Herman mentioned. “We are blessed to treat a lot of Wayne community area and just wanted to give an opportunity to say thanks.”

Visit wildlifeencounters.org for more information.