Weekly Update From Senator Joni Albrecht

LINCOLN – Earlier this week, District 17 Senator Joni Albrecht provided her weekly update focusing on the strength and character of Nebraskans who have pulled together working to meet the challenges and to serve Nebraskans with excellence.

According to the release, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has presented the residents, government officials, health care providers, first responders, individuals and businesses of all types with challenges never experienced before. She added, ‘it takes a community of leadership to help residents stay informed, stay safe and band together to work for the good of all.’

Since declaring a State of Emergency for Nebraska on March 13, governor Pete Ricketts has worked with top state and national health officials as well as the Trump administration. Governor Ricketts has provided not only, a safer Nebraska as the state encounters the realities of the health crisis, but also to develop pathways leading back to economic health as we work through this pandemic.

Senator Albrecht has been a part of several meetings, telephone conferences and on-site observations with a variety of community leaders in District 17 and statewide.

District 17 serves Dakota, Thurston and Wayne counties as senator Albrecht has been in daily contact with emergency managers in each county. They are working together with the health departments, first responders, law enforcement, state emergency management and healthcare providers to help ensure the safety and well-being of District 17 residents. They’re quick to act and share about the needs and solutions in the community.

Contact senator Albrecht at 402-471-2716 or email jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov with any questions or concerns.


The legislature reconvened Monday, March 23 and Wednesday, March 25 for the sole purpose of passing the Governor’s Emergency Appropriations request. The bill will transfer $58.6 from the Emergency Fund for specific uses identified by the governor to deal with the impact and operations associated with the coronavirus. The governor has spoken with each senator and outlined the state’s needs to deal with the crisis.

The Governor identified the following emergency needs/uses for the funds:

  • DHHS Public Health for Personal Protective Equipment to local health departments’ response efforts.
  • DHHS Staffing for surge and sustained staffing needs in support services and emergency preparedness throughout the state.
  • Surge staffing for Veterans Hospitals & DHHS Care Facilities.
  • UNMC funding for Lab testing and analysis.
  • Lab Equipment, software, programming and personnel.
  • UV Light Boxes for tertiary cleaning of N95 respirators.
  • Inter-operational Platform for statewide communication, tracking, and resource sharing across Emergency Management systems, first responders, healthcare providers and State entities.