Weekly Update For District 17 Via Senator Joni Albrecht

LINCOLN – Joni Albrecht noted that last week was the end of the 2020 Nebraska Legislative Session. It was the 106th session. 258 bills were passed in this time and the senators did not skip a beat after the lock-down. January 2021 will mark the beginning of the 107th Nebraska Legislative Session.

Joni Albrecht applauded the passing of two important bills. One being LB1107, which delivered property tax relief. The other being LB814, which banned dismemberment abortions.

LB1107 was not all that the senator hoped it would be, but she was glad that the bill included funding for the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s NExT project. Some taxpayers will be eligible for refunds based on a percentage of the amount of property taxes paid toward school funding. There are business incentives entailed in LB1107 that encourage financial investment and good paying job growth in Nebraska.

Thursday, August 13, was the day LB814 was passed. The bill’s signing was held at the Capital steps. Julie Schmit-Albin was in attendance. She has worked tirelessly to support unborn children. The Governor declared August 13, “Julie Schmit-Albin Day.”

Other bills that the senator was pleased to see pass include: LB1008 and LB153. LB1008 provides $1 million in additional funding for state colleges. LB153 gave benefits for veterans receiving military retirement pay. Now, 50% of that money will be exempt from income tax beginning in 2022.

Albrecht is on the Natural Resources and Transportation and Telecommunications Committees. She was excited for the passing of important priority bills for those committees. Those included LB632 and LB992.

LB632 was a priority bill for the Natural Resources Committee. This bill cleaned up sections of state law providing improvements in rural water districts.

A priority bill for the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee was LB 992. This gave improvements for broadband internet service in rural areas.

Joni Albrecht alerted people to be on the lookout for improvements for rural electricity with the passing of the Trump Administration’s investment toward the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Senator Joni Albrecht encouraged her constituents to reach out to her with questions, ideas, and concerns. Her phone number is 402-471-2716 and her email is jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov.