Weekly Report From Office Of Senator Joni Albrecht; Special Redistricting Session Begins

WAYNE – In a recent weekly update provided by District 17 Senator Joni Albrecht, she addresses a pro-life victory, a redistricting meeting next week and follow-up from the state board of education meeting.

According to a release from the office of Senator Albrecht, she states “it is such an honor to serve a constituency with a can-do work ethic whose loyalties to always ‘doing the right thing’ never fail or weaken.”

This week the Supreme Court kept the country’s most restrictive abortion rule intact. A Texas abortion law which prohibits abortions after six weeks has taken effect and the Supreme Court ruling—a 5-4 decision—also calls into question the future of Roe v Wade. The high court is scheduled to take up a separate case this fall which calls for overruling the landmark 1973 case which established a woman’s constitutional right to abortions.

Senator Albrecht looks forward to seeing the impact across the nation and especially in Nebraska as her and other pro-life colleagues explore new legislation to further advance the protection of unborn Nebraska babies.

Next week also marks the beginning of a Special Redistricting Session in the Legislature. After studying the new census reports, Senator Albrecht doesn’t see any significant changes coming to District 17 as it relates to Congressional, Legislative, Supreme Court Judicial, Public Service Commission, University Board of Regents or the State Board of Education Districts. It will be an important Session however, as there may need to be some redistribution between rural and urban districts in the state.

Last Friday the State Board of Education met in LaVista. Senator Albrecht and 26 Legislators submitted a letter imploring them to indefinitely postpone the Health Education Standards. She appreciates the State Board of Education stance and their intuition to do the right thing for Nebraskans. Knowing that all board members would need to vote to advance to open the discussion will help give opponents of the standards the ability to weigh in.

Another topic addressed in the weekly update included mask and vaccine mandates. Senator Albrecht is in agreement with Governor Pete Ricketts who has spoken earlier this month against mandatory vaccines or masks for children and businesses. It is vital to stay well informed about the number of Covid cases and hospitalizations in the area where a person resides.

With flu season coming on, each week will be different but if everyone keeps a good watch on what is happening in the local health departments to stay informed, everyone can make individual health decisions for themselves and their families.

District 17 is made up of Dakota, Thurston and Wayne counties. Visit nebraskalegislature.gov for more information.

Senator Albrecht always appreciates hearing from you, the Constituents of District 17. Your input helps her know how to effectively serve you in the Legislature. If you have any comments or concerns, contact the office of Senator Joni Albrecht at 402-471-2716 or email jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov.