Weekly Report From Office Of Senator Joni Albrecht, Redistricting Public Hearing Schedule

WAYNE – A trio of Nebraska cities will be hosting Redistricting Public hearings this week, according to a weekly update from District 17 State Senator Joni Albrecht.

Among the 107th Legislative Interim, redistricting is taking place as prescribed by Constitution Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Enumeration Clause.

This process takes place every decade for the purpose of ensuring that all Nebraskans are equally represented as they cast their votes for the Representative of their choice in Congressional, Legislative, Supreme Court Judicial, Public Service Commission, University Board of Regents or the State Board of Education Districts of Nebraska.

Senator Albrecht has received several phone calls and emails from the District this week with questions and concerns regarding the redistricting process and the assurance that every voice will be represented well and its voice heard for Congress, the Legislature and the different governing boards elected in each reflective District.

The Legislature’s redistricting committee decided last Thursday to take both Republican and Democratic proposals to public hearings already scheduled in three cities.


The Linehan/Republican plan would split Douglas County, moving portions of the county into the 1st Congressional District, represented by Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Lincoln. Under both the Republican and Democratic maps, the Northeast Nebraska counties of Dakota, Dixon, Cedar, Knox, Pierce and Wayne would remain in the 3rd district, while Madison would stay in the 1st District. The Democratic map would keep Thurston County in the 1st district, while the GOP map would shift Thurston to the 3rd District, which is one of the nation’s most Republican districts.

Nebraska’s unique Unicameral Legislature relies heavily on the “second house” – the citizens of the State of Nebraska. Ensuring that members of the public have the opportunity to have their voices heard is vital to the Legislative process, and it is vital that the great citizens of Nebraska express their views as the “second house”.

There are three ways to make your voice heard; giving testimony in person, writing a position letter, or by submitting a comment online under the specific bill at www.nebraskalegislature.gov.

Redistricting public hearings will take place on Tuesday, September 14 at Central Community College in Grand Island at 1:30 p.m.; on Wednesday, September 15 at the State Capitol in Lincoln at 9 a.m. and on Thursday, September 16 at the Scott Conference Center in Omaha at 10 a.m.

District 17 is made up of Dakota, Thurston and Wayne counties. Visit nebraskalegislature.gov for more information.

Senator Albrecht always appreciates hearing from you, the constituents of District 17. Your input helps her know how to effectively serve you in the Legislature. If you have any comments or concerns, contact the office of Senator Joni Albrecht at 402-471-2716 or email jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov.