Weekly Live At 5 Recap From Wayne Community Schools Superintendent

WAYNE – A weekly report updated parents, teachers and students in the Wayne Community Schools school district about how the school year will be coming to a close in May.

Superintendent, Dr. Mark Lenihan was back on the Wayne Community Schools Facebook page Monday evening at 5 p.m.

Dr. Lenihan reminded viewers about how the school year was going to end and the district wanted to keep as much as a normal schedule but also knowing the teaching staff will need to work together talking about next fall.

“What types of things that we can do or need to do to make sure when the kids get back here in the fall that we’ve covered material that needs to be covered, done the review that needed to happen,” said Dr. Lenihan. “So, the teachers are going to need time to talk to each other, talk about where they left off in March.”

The final day for the seniors will be Friday, May 1.

“So, we certainly feel for our senior class,” Dr. Lenihan added. “They’ve been a wonderful class, great leaders, great kids. Very well prepared I think for the future and we will miss them around school but we do know that this is unusual.”

Friday, May 8 will be the final day of online remote learning for pre K – 11th students as all work should be turned in that they’re assigned by May 8. The week of May 11 – 15 will allow time for students to gather their materials from their locker and finish up some work as May 18-22 will give teachers and staff time to work together.

School lunches are being served through May 15 but there is also talk about extending that. The school will make a decision in the next few weeks as the three sites are serving over 400 lunches per day which is 40-45% of the WCS student body.

Saturday, August 1 was also set for the 2020 graduation ceremony, weather permitting and pending health measures for crowd gatherings, on the campus of Wayne State College in the Willow Bowl.

“So, that will be something different,” Dr. Lenihan mentioned. “I think this class certainly deserves something like that and I know people have asked about that in prior. So, this might be an opportunity to try the Willow Bowl out and see how that works out for us for graduation. We don’t have a time yet on that but we will get that out as soon as possible as far as a time goes as to what time that might be and how that graduation ceremony might look.”

With some restrictions starting to lift across the nation, Americans are still reminded to follow the CDC guidelines along with their local public health departments.

Dr. Lenihan said mid-to-late May school districts may know more information and could look ahead to next fall but it’s way too early to think about that.

“I think really the focus needs to continue to be we’ve got about 4-5 weeks left of the remote distance learning that we’re doing,” said Dr. Lenihan. “We just want to continue with that routine and not think too far ahead. As we know more information here at school we will plan and we will mention to you the best way that we possibly can.”

Dr. Lenihan will return for his ‘Live at 5’ on the Wayne Community Schools Facebook page on Monday, April 27. To view the complete video, visit the Wayne Community Schools Facebook page.