Weekly District 17 Update, 21-Day Plan To Stay Home And Stay Healthy Went Into Place April 10

WAYNE – Nebraskans continue to work together during the COVID-19 pandemic as senator Joni Albrecht is proud of the District 17 residents and businesses.

According to the weekly update from the office of senator Albrecht, everyone appears to be doing their best to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease in northeast Nebraska. Residents are social distancing and finding creative ways to still maintain the community-feel of their area. The public health departments have published flyers on social distancing and other practices to reduce the risk.

This past week, governor Ricketts proclaimed April 10 to April 30, 2020 as a 21-day plan to Stay Home and Stay Healthy, outlining six rules that are designed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Nebraska. He did not issue a shelter-in-place order, but instead stated he was counting on Nebraskans to do what he knows we all try to do– the right thing. Residents can help Nebraska stay healthy by staying home, socially distance your work, shop alone, help kids, help seniors and exercise.

For the most accurate information, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) posts numbers of confirmed cases daily at 4:00 PM ET (weekend numbers are posted on Monday). Their website can be accessed at https://www.cdc.gov/covid19 and click on ‘CASES’ in the US.

Senator Albrecht also highlighted a topic that meat producers are adjusting.

The Nebraska Cattlemen have worked diligently to ensure continued safe and adequate production of beef products. Cattlemen’s reported that they hope to have information from Secretary Perdue this week about financial relief available under the CARES Act to cattle producers who have been harmed by COVID-19. Governor Ricketts, along with governors from other states, issued emergency declarations that are providing relaxed trucker/carrier rules to aid in smoother transportation for the food supply.

Tyson Foods is also doing their part as the company is working to protect team members and to ensure continued ability to keep the food supply chain filled. They have instituted practices of taking the temperature of workers at all locations before they enter company facilities, have stepped up deep cleaning and sanitizing efforts, are coordinating with federal agencies for personal protective equipment (PPE) and have erected dividers that increase space between line workers. On the financial front, Tyson Foods, Inc. also announced on March 30 that it will pay approximately $60 million to about 116,000 frontline workers and truckers as a thank you for their daily support of the company’s operation.

Contact senator Albrecht with any thoughts, ideas, concerns or suggestions by emailing jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov or by calling 402-471-2716.