Wayne State investigating report male student recorded female student in shower

WAYNE, NE — Wayne law enforcement and Wayne State College administrators are investigating an allegation that a male student took video or photos of a female student as she showered in a dormitory.

The young man, a Wayne State student, didn’t live in Bowen Hall, where the incident is alleged to have happened, but he was visiting a girlfriend there. The alleged victim says she caught the man videoing her in the shower on Jan. 26. He has been allowed to remain on campus but is restricted from visiting Bowen Hall.

A police report couldn’t be obtained from campus security or the Wayne Police Department. But Wayne State spokesman Jay Collier verified that the allegation is being investigated through the campus’s Title IX (or gender discrimination) office. The Wayne Police Department said it, too, is investigating.

Investigators evidently are trying to unravel differing accounts, such as whether others believe they have been spied upon or whether others can verify what the alleged victim said shortly afterward.

The student newspaper at Wayne State wrote a story in its Wednesday edition.

Collier said Bowen Hall residents were alerted after the accusation was made. “We had a single incident reported,” Collier said. “There was one incident.”

Collier said the matter has “blown up on social media” at Wayne State.

“We have a responsibility to our students to conduct an investigation, which is ongoing,” Collier said. “We do everything possible to make sure this is the safest environment for our students.”

He said state college procedures ensure that due process, or a fair hearing, will be given to the accused.

Some women on campus Thursday said they felt ill at ease with the situation. “I’m concerned,” said senior Kjersten Schuttler, of Bellevue. “Maybe this (the man) is someone who lives in my hall. Maybe this is someone who could get into my hall.”