Wayne State Hosted Ron Holt Civic Engagement Award Luncheon

Wayne State Hosted Ron Holt Civic Engagement Award Luncheon
Courtesy of Wayne State College

WAYNE – The Sixth annual Ron Holt Civic Engagement Award was held last Thursday where several individuals gathered to honor and celebrate the student finalists and winner.

According to a release from Wayne State College, 59 people attended the luncheon on April 25.

Dr. Sheila Stearns was recognized as the recipient of the Civic Engagement Award for a current or retired professional staff member.

Each student received a signed certificate of achievement, a ribbon medallion to be worn during graduation and a trophy commemorating their achievement.

In addition, the winner’s name will be printed in the graduation program along with a gift of $500 from Dr. Ron Holt paid through the financial aid office. Each finalist will receive a previously unannounced cash award of $250.

As the professional staff recipient, Dr. Sheila Stearns will also be receiving a certificate, a ribbon medallion and a trophy. In addition, a $500 donation has been made to the Dr. Sheila Stearns Lecture Series Endowment.

The committee that helped score the student finalists and winner, included Wayne State College President Marysz Rames, Wayne State College Athletic Director Mike Powicki, Wayne State College Service-Learning Director Lisa Nelson and Wayne community representative Sandy Brown.

Dr. Ron Holt offered a special thanks to Lisa Nelson, and the foundation office who worked hard behind the scenes to make the event possible.

Dr. Ron Holt also announced the newest endowed scholarship: The Deb Lundahl Endowed Scholarship.


1)            Don Koeber

2)            Sheila Stearns

3)            Hal Stearns

4)            Scott Stearns

5)            Malin Stearns Johnson

6)            Barb Kanter

7)            Jim Kanter

8)            Yasuko Taoka

9)            Curt Frye

10)          Dianne Frye

11)          Jean Karlen

12)          Jerry Karlen

13)          Leslie Bebee

14)          Jim Lindau

15)          Mike Powicki

16)          Angie Fredrickson

17)          Tammy Evetovich

18)          Chancellor Turman

19)          Bill Reeg

20)          Betty Reeg

21)          Maryz Rames

22)          Mark Hammer

23)          Brenda Carhart

24)          Terry McClain

25)          Janell Scardino

26)          Dennis Lichty

27)          Rozan Pedersen

28)          Randy Pedersen

29)          Angie Steffen

30)          Rebeka Wilson

31)          Sandy Brown

32)          Nick Shudak

33)          Kevin Armstrong

34)          Sue Jammer

35)          Laura Robinett

36)          Deb Lundahl

37)          Megan

38)          Vaughn Benson

39)          Karen Granberg

40)          Cap Peterson

41)          Jan Dinsmore

42)          Steve Dinsmore

43)          Deb Whitt

44)          Bill Dickey

45)          Cody Dickson

46)          Dasirae Sieh

47)          Randy Bertolas

48)          Deborah Schmucker

49)          Allison Lambert

50)          Anna Stineman

51)          Kandace Stineman

52)          Brian Hanson

53)          Joe Blankenau

54)          Julie Rother

55)          David and Milissa Schmucker

56)          Caleb Sobotka

57)          Katy Murphy

58)          Becky Keidel

59)          Dick Keidel